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Fiberglass pools can be installed much quicker that other types of pools because they are preformed in a factory setting. The fiberglass pool is then shipped to your location and put into place with a crane. They are non-porous which lends to them using less chemicals that other pools. Due to the fact that fiberglass pools are shipped to your site there are limitations on size and the variety of shapes available. Typically, fiberglass pools are no wider than 16′ due to the difficulty involved with shipping from the factory to your property.

Advantages of

choosing a

  • Low maintenance – non-porous gel coast surface inhibits the growth of algae and reduces the amount of chemicals required to maintain the pool.
  • Little to No lifetime cost – 99% of the time there is never any money invested in the care of the shell of a fiberglass pool. There is no need for resurfacing or liner replacements.
  • Smooth to the touch – non-abrasive surface
  • A myriad of design options – built in seats, steps, tanning shelf
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment of a factory ensuring strict quality control
  • Installation of fiberglass pools occurs much more quickly – 3-5 weeks on average.

To see some design options, please visit: Custom Fiberglass Pools and Barrier Reef USA