Choosing the Right Decking for Your Pool

There is a myriad of materials that can be used for your inground pool decking. Many of us have grown up seeing concrete used as pool decking and in today’s day and age that is certainly a viable option. However, in the pool industry there has been an upswing of the use of more aesthetically pleasing materials for decking.

We have certainly seen clients that have used natural stone and pavers from brick or cement over the past few years. However, this year the trend is to go with pool decking that remains cool to the touch, such as Travertine. Travertine comes in many colors and the pieces come in a variety of sizes. With so many options to choose from the patterns of installation are endless. We are also seeing marble being used for pool decking. It is like Travertine in that there are many color and shape varieties. Marble is also cool to the touch.

For those clients that want to have a little “green” around their pool without the mess of natural turf – artificial turf is an option that fills the void. Artificial turf installations for pool decking is both beautiful and essentially care free. We are seeing some clients mix Travertine with artificial turf which turns out beautifully. So, do some research to determine what type of pool decking best suits your wants and needs. You will be enjoying your inground pool for many years to come.