Top Pool Design Trends

Looking beyond your basic backyard pool design let’s look at a few of 2019’s biggest trends in pools.

Dark Interior Finishes
A trending aesthetic change that has been seen in pools across the country are darker interior finishes. Darker colors help to cut down on the cost of heating your pool and retain the heat much better than a lighter colored pool. The darker color lends itself to a more natural look that pairs very nicely with features like waterfalls and rocks. Finally, a darker pool helps to hide minor dirt and debris.

Decorative Tile
Deco tile is a new luxury finish that many clients are adding to their new pool installations. Wil many colors and textures to choose from you can customize your pool with this luxurious addition.

Landscaping and Container Gardens
Looking to up the aesthetic appeal of your pool surrounding area? Landscaping and container gardens can do the trick. With the addition of bright colored planting around your pool scape or with the addition of a few exquisite and well placed containers your outdoor pool space can be a showstopper.

LED Lighting
Lighting has always been a great way to improve the look to any outdoor area. Adding lighting to your pool area can extend the use of the area well into the evening. While lighting is beautiful it also offers an aspect of safety. There are so many color, shape and size options for outdoor lighting now your selections are almost endless. Some of the new lighting products can also be programmed and used with your smartphone.

Safety Fences
Safety Fences that hug the edge of the pool are trending. Of course this safety feature is a must where small children or pets are involved. Safety fences don’t have to be an ugly eyesore either, there are many varieties including glass.

Tanning Ledges
Since pools tend to be shallower, large tanning ledges inside the pool in about a foot of water are gaining popularity. They are referred to in the pool industry as tanning shelves. Some homeowners will add a couple of beautifully crafted lounge chairs and a unique umbrella creating the ultimate spot for relaxing.